Some of y’all are too much.
Backlashing Easter egg hunts & all that because the “idea of Easter is bullshit”
Like??? Jesus didn’t come back from the dead to hide eggs & give you candy so just stfu & accept your Hallmark conversion.

Hey! I tried to make a video and it didn’t work so heeerrreee weee gooo:

I guess I’ll just go down the line and talk about everyone:

Adam: I don’t really know you, which isn’t a bad thing, because I feel like you’re probably cool, but I just don’t know you.

Colin: You’re a super cool guy with the best url on the face of the planet. But besides that I’m glad we get to play together again.

Deron: You have bee so nice this whole game, and I’m so glad we got to play together because you truly are a great person inside and out, and it’s people like you who make a difference.

David: I’m sorry I nominated you, but it’s cool because you nominated me. Hahaha, anyway, when we’re both together in the chat you’re so funny and it’s cool that we’re finally in a game together where we talk.

Emma: I hate you. Just kidding, I love you sweety, and I’m glad there’s no bad blood between us over realbb. At least on my end there isn’t. Keep being you Mama.

Dylan: I can’t believe they casted someone who looks SO MUCH LIKE ME in this game. Hahaha I’m totally kidding, but all that aside I think you’re a great person who is very easy to talk to and I really hope that we stay friends after this I over.

Katy: Girlfriend you gotta vote. I don’t wanna see you go home for no reason. Anyway, from the few convos we have had you’re a lot of fun :)

Hailee: See I wished we talked more too because you are actually amazing and so nice :) (btw sorry I thought you were the host)

Morgan: I think you’re a great guy and I think you’re a great guy. I’m sorry you keep getting nominated, but hopefully you stay! I’m backing you bud, full support.

Laure: I don’t really know you, but I feel like you would be a lot of fun :)

Kat: Well we fell in love last night, and I’m so glad we have a lot of the same views, not only game wise, but life wise as well.

And lastly Cole: We are friends, at least on my end. However,I nominated you from a game PoV. Not because I don’t like you. So let’s get one thing, or a few, straight:

1.) No one’s brought up your age in seriousness, no one. So stop.

2.) No one attacked you, they responded to you antagonizing them. You did it to me last night because I NOMINATED YOU ON AN INTERNET GAME. Knock it off. Everyone sees it and no one feels bad.

3.) If anything, I feel attacked by you, and YOU are making ME feel UNCOMFORTABLE. Last night you made it seem like my life sucks because I live a sober lifestyle. YOU DON’T KNOW HOW THAT SHIT HAS EFFECTED MY LIFE OR MY FAMILY. AND IT REALLY BOTHERS ME THAT YOU WON’T THINK BEFORE YOU SAY STUFF LIKE THAT. SO FUCK YOU.

So, until you can act your age (which is not much younger than me) and not act like a petty bitch, I want nothing to do with you. Your actions are uncalled for and I’m tired of it.

Fucking grow up. omfg.